Time, Mood, Identity 3rd Triennial of Young Artists – PREMIERE 2015

Center for Contemporary Art, Celje, Slovenia

29. 5. – 5. 7. 2015

The subject of my painting is the image that belongs to the world of electronic technology and establishes a new practice of perception. I find that our perception and cognition vary depending on the medium in which the image appears (the electronic image on the screen and the electronic image on the canvas). The works are concerned with screen disturbances, fragments of computer communication and disappearing digital images, the mixing and combining of signs, as well as their transformation into painting. I want to paint the simulation of disturbance on an electronic screen, to construct an archetype of today’s screen. I do not see such a disturbance only in the motif, but also in the very transfer of the motif into the painting medium, where the viewer does not expect it. The image of the “noise” is transferred from electronic communication and fixed onto the canvas. Here it is – moments before being fleeting and transient – stopped and captured into the traditional haptic format. In such a way, the irritation factor becomes more pronounced since the disturbance can no longer be eliminated. I have been developing the “Disturbance in Communication”, that is the moments of exchange or transmission of information as the movement of these stops, since 2012.

Katja Felle

Written by: fadminkatja